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ABOUT US.......

urbanPARALLELINC. is a focused, condominium, residential and retail design studio comprised of a small but passionate group of unpredictable thinkers. Never relying on the obvious, our strategy has been to be creatively connected to our Client’s vision, to help them realize the benefits of comprehensively planned, fresh and enduring design solutions. Understanding the need to provide a seamless transition throughout all stages of a project, the key success of URBAN PARALLEL Inc has been our aptitude for communication and communicating ideas. It’s not always about innovation, it’s about the understanding and articulating what makes a project tick. Being clever is a bonus!

At URBAN PARALLEL Inc we also believe that quality design must be more than creative – it must be cost effective and efficient. We work closely with contractors to ensure that work is done on time, on budget and as specified. This results in the smoothest possible transition from concept to reality.

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